Mannion’s Irish Pub

Mannion's Entrance




Located in Sommerville, NJ, Mannion’s Irish Pub has captured the Irish spirit to create an awesome pub in northern Jersey. Mannion’s is separated into two rooms, the Bar, and a dining area. While not a big as the Blackthorn, Mannion’s reminds me of a pub you would find in the city. It’s only logical that a man from Galway, a city with great night life, would replicate a pub from his home town.

The outside resembles a storefront that you would see in McDonagh’s along their street wall. The tables outside are right on the sidewalk and a perfect place to sit as the sun sets. Luckily for me, I got the same view inside the dining room at a table against the window. Mannions does not have much table-style seating available in the restaurant area, but offer plenty of booths that seclude you from other guests, perfect for a

Mannion's Dining Room

romantic evening or a night out with the family. The lack of decorations in the dining area adds to the authenticity of the decor, because true Irish pubs don’t fill every inch of wall space they have. Pictures of Ireland displayed in between the wall lamps adequately decorate the room, but do not create a distraction.

The bar area is just a nice. The walls are a little more cluttered than the dining area, but it’s a bar, so it’s allowed to be more over the top. You con prop yourself up at the bar, sit along the counter opposite of the bar or in a seating area with five tables, great to get the bar atmosphere while enjoying a meal.

Mannion's Bar

The food was more than satisfactory.  The generous serving of fish and chips was more than I could finish, which should speak in volumes. Mannion’s serves some of the best fish and chips I’ve had this side of the Atlantic. You get three cuts of beer-battered fish, each about eight to nine inches long and thick too. They aren’t over-breaded to add to the thickness, you get your fair share of fish. The fish comes served on a mound of steak fries with a side of tartar sauce and lemon slices, a feast for $10.


The Willie Lynch Band plays at Mannion’s as well. I’m not too familiar with Mannion’s, but they do have a Clubhouse upstairs that’s more of an American bar where they offer karaoke once a week. From my short time there, I definitely recommend it for a meal.




About EJ Campbell
I am a graduate public relations student at Rowan University and my professor assigned us to start a blog. Like a lot of things in my life, I incorporated my Irish heritage into it. I study Irish history and folklore in my free time and play Irish music on the guitar and mandolin. Through the course of following Irish music and my two mentors, Kevin Guerin and Willie Lynch, I have come to know some of the finest Irish establishments in New Jersey and the surrounding area. I'd like to share some of them with you. I received my bachelor's degree from Rowan in radio, TV and film where I focused on radio. I joined Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM and remain active until today. I served as Operations Manager, Student Manager and am Public Affairs Director for my graduate year.My work has won numerous awards on local and national levels.

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