2 West Front Street, Keyport, New Jersey



The first pub I chose to blog about is the first in my heart, McDonagh’s Pub in Keyport, NJ. I have been going to McDonagh’s for about six years and fell in love with the place the first time I went. A five and a half foot wall tastefully splits the interior in two, separating the bar from the restaurant, allowing a family friendly atmosphere on one side and a great bar on the other. The next thing that should catch your attention should be the left wall.

McDonagh's Pub "Irish Street" Wall

Constructed after a typical street in Ireland, the wall features storefronts with doors and windows, including a bookstore with a display case of Ireland’s most famous authors. In addition to the street wall, pictures of the Irish countryside and Irish patriots occupy the other walls, enhancing the great atmosphere.

McDonagh's Bangers and Mash

My favorite Irish dish is Bangers and Mash. It is pork Irish sausage, served over mashed potatoes with brown gravy and onions drizzled on top- incredible, if done right. If you’re looking for a simple burger, McDonsgh’s burgers are out of this world and offer a wide variety of toppings. They also offer an incredible thin crust pizza. In the seven years I have been going to McDonagh’s, I never heard of anyone I went with having a bad meal.

McDonagh’s offers a variety of live entertainment. Bands and DJs frequent McDonagh’s and when they have nothing going on, their surplus of flat screen tvs make it an ideal place to sit with friends and watch a game. If you really wan the full blown Irish experience, then go when the Willie Lynch Band plays and I assure you, you will love it.




About EJ Campbell
I am a graduate public relations student at Rowan University and my professor assigned us to start a blog. Like a lot of things in my life, I incorporated my Irish heritage into it. I study Irish history and folklore in my free time and play Irish music on the guitar and mandolin. Through the course of following Irish music and my two mentors, Kevin Guerin and Willie Lynch, I have come to know some of the finest Irish establishments in New Jersey and the surrounding area. I'd like to share some of them with you. I received my bachelor's degree from Rowan in radio, TV and film where I focused on radio. I joined Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM and remain active until today. I served as Operations Manager, Student Manager and am Public Affairs Director for my graduate year.My work has won numerous awards on local and national levels.

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